Silvia Delalande

Registered Family Alternative Health Practicioner

Graduated from the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine in 2002. Graduated from the Australian Academy of Bowen Therapy in 2002.

 16 years of effective natural health care in the greater Toronto area.

In today’s hectic rushed world of conventional medicine it is comforting to know there are still family health care practitioners who slow down to take some time to get to know their patients. Without a comprehensive understanding of a patient, in body, mind, as well as spirit, it is difficult to offer effective remedies for whatever ails a person.

Alternative healthcare revolves around a principle of understanding a patient as a whole (holistic) as opposed to fragments of symptoms.If you perform research of holistic health care practitioners you will discover a majority of them are nurturing compassionate people. Many Naturopathic Doctors  become established in their natural health care practices in mid-life after they have raised their own children. Raising a child from birth to a young adult stage guarantees practical experience through the school of hard knocks. Long before deciding to return to college to further her own health care education she gained invaluable insight by raising two healthy children of her own, a boy and girl, but not without it’s own challenges. Who is better qualified to offer health care guidance for your families than someone who has lived it themselves?

That is very much the path Silvia Delalande has taken, with a bit of diversity along the way. Originally from Argentina, from a heritage of French and Italian parents, she has called Brampton and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area of Ontario her home for more than 30 years. As an added benefit, resulting from that heritage, she is also able to offer her Brampton family health care services in Spanish in addition to English. As you can well imagine, she blends well into our multicultural society of Greater Toronto!

On a very personal note, she would like to share with you that her own encounter with alternative healthcare medicine came at age 16 due to an ovarian cyst. Conventional medical doctors or specialists she consulted with wanted to remove it by surgical intervention. Intuitively, not convinced that surgery was the only solution, she took responsibility for her own wellness by consulting a homeopath. Within eight months of the initial treatment, it was gone. That life event remained etched in her memory.

After living and working for many years, originally as a school teacher, then a receptionist, laboratory technician, real estate agent, as well as diet counsellor, her calling finally became established in alternative healthcare. That diversity of experiences has provided many opportunities to know how patients of many different backgrounds cope with their day to day duties. It provides invaluable insight, based on personal experience, into stresses or challenges that sometimes lead to a break-down of our immune systems paving the way for ill health.

From a credentials perspective, Silvia N. Delalande is a graduate of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. She has successfully completed and is qualified in the theory, practice, as well as management of cases according to classical Hahnemann principles. Silvia also completed a foundation program in veterinary alternative healthcare, thus becoming qualified to treat our smallest family members, our pets. Additionally, Silvia is an active member of National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths the West Coast Homeopathy Society, as well as an ongoing member of Bowtech. Silvia Delalande welcomes opportunities to provide services to holistically-conscious individuals and their families throughout the Greater Toronto Area.