Bowen Therapy

At A Root Level It Is An Autonomic Nervous System Rebalancing Procedure.

As a holistic health care practitioner, offering Bowen Therapy is a natural extension of my holistic health care practice. Gentle non-invasive techniques of muscle, tendon, or tissue manipulation moves through to your nervous system to get to the root of underlying symptoms causing pain or discomfort. At a root level it is an autonomic nervous system rebalancing procedure.

Non-invasive deep tissue manipulation techniques effectively stimulate muscles and tendons to encourage your nervous system to respond accordingly. Manipulation points follow similar nerve stimulation principles as complimentary medicine modalities like acupuncture, acupressure or reflexology. Movements are applied to key energy meridian which then enhance a nervous system’s ability to properly distribute bio-magnetic energy throughout the network of inter-related nerve pathways. These Bowen Therapy techniques effectively restore your physical body to a balanced state of homeostasis. Treatment results provide whole body health benefits.

Bowen Therapy for Children

Unnatural posture or irregular strenuous movements may cause these receptors to develop knot-like tension. Try to imagine the path a flow of energy through a straight length of fibre would look like; it would be fluid and uninterrupted. Now try to image that same energy flow through a length of fibre with a knot tied in it; it would be turbulent and restrictive. It’s no different for bio-energy flowing through a body’s nervous system.

A typical modern western medical me now approach is to attempt to alleviate the resulting pain or discomfort with drugs. Such an approach may temporarily be effective for pain management but does nothing to heal and prevent long-term recurrence of those conditions. Bowen Therapy technique moves are performed to work with those; areas to restore bio-magnetic balance which in turn promotes holistic wellness.